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Are you a new or struggling CPAP user?  Are you taking off your CPAP mask and throwing it across the room in frustration?  Perhaps you gave up and your CPAP is gathering dust on your shelf or it is forgotten in your closet.

Order "The 6 Week CPAP Solutions Workbook" to get the help you need.

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Find solutions to common CPAP problems like:

  • mask leaks

  • claustrophobia

  • skin irritation

  • dry mouth

  • hair breakage

  • trapped gas

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Inside the workbook:

  • A 6-week CPAP tracker​ to let you see your progress

  • A mask fit log to help you narrow down your options

  • A resources section packed with all the CPAP accessories you need for maximum comfort

Recommended Products + Affiliates 

Emma has handpicked a few products and services she believes in.  If you use the links below to purchase items, Sleep Apnea Stories will receive a small commission.  It's a great way to support the podcast!

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Better Help

I have interviewed dozens of people with sleep apnea for my podcast.  The one thing I have in common with almost every guest is my struggle with anxiety and depression.  I have found professional therapy so helpful in coming to terms with my diagnosis and giving me the support I need to cope with this chronic illness


If you are having a tough time you can use the link below from our sponsor to get in touch with a professional therapist who can help. 


Use Promo code “Emma” to get 10% off your first month.


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Amazon Storefront

I have selected some sleep apnea products I recommend on my Amazon affiliate page. 

They are organized into categories. 


Find the page here:

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