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Episode 87 - Jody Martin - Lofta Home Sleep Apnea Testing & Support vs Traditional Testing


Hey everyone, it’s Emma Cooksey here and I'm your host.

So if you guys listen, last week, we had true Copeland talking about home, sleep testing, and the different types of tests and you know, which ones can rule in sleep apnea, and which ones can rule it out and all that stuff.


So, if you didn't listen to last week's episode, that would be a really good one to go back and listen to.

And then today, we're on to do.

Discussing some of these newer companies offering home testing, but companies are also starting to reimagine the patient experience to make it better.


So we've talked a lot about some of the problems with waiting for an in lab sleep study and getting Insurance to even pay for an inland sleep study.

And just some of the holdups in the problems with that system.


And so there are a number of companies who are trying to address those issues.

So one of them is called law after today's guest Jodi.

Martin tried out using Loftus home testing and also the follow-up support.


And so that's what he's going to be talking about in this episode.

So I'll just introduce Jodi a little bit.

He is 48 years old.

He was raised in Mississippi and And he's a Marine Corps veteran.

He currently lives in Mountain Home Arkansas and since finding laughter and getting his sleep treatment started, he's back to feeling like his old self again and he's just feels like he's able to live his life instead of just surviving.


So yeah, I can't thank Jody enough for sharing his stories.

So well, and being so vulnerable about, you know, how devastating life can be.

When you're Sleep apnea is untreated and, you know how serious this is.


And you've tried to get treatment and it just hasn't worked for you.

So I feel like any doctors or sleep tax or people that work in prescribing, people CPAP sand getting frustrated as to why people's compliance or adherence isn't good?


I would just really urge everybody to listen to this episode because it really he explains why people are abandoning CPAP when they can't find support to help them to use it.

So, without further Ado, here's my conversation with Jody Martin.


So listen, Jody, thank you so much for joining me.

Oh, I'm glad to be here.


So, do you want to start off by telling us a little bit about you where you are in the world?

What your family looks like, like what you do for work, that kind of thing.


Well my name is Jody Martin, I am a computer engineer.

I used to run one of the largest remote networking companies in the Southern United States and it got to the point where it was either.


I was going to take a break or it was gonna break me.

Quit my job move my family up in the mountains and found a little small town and start an IT business here because they had no one up here. and I pretty much do everything it Half what everybody else?


Charges just to help people out.


What state are you in Arkansas?

Oh, you're an artist.

Yeah, we live in Mountain Home.

Arkansas is the Twin Lakes area lived between like Norfolk and Bull?

Shoals, always gorgeous up here.

So tell me about what happened with your health.


How did you first start thinking that you might have sleep?


Did you talk to your doctor?

Like, how did it all?

Come about.


Well, I've done this two different ways.

The first time I did conventional go see the doctor, blah, blah, blah.


That fox is a hospital.

Okay, hold on.

Anybody that goes to that, I feel sorry for him.

That process is a nightmare especially for a guy like me.

I mean I just a submarine I've run.


You know, for companies, I'm not the guy that asked for help a lot, right?

I'm the figure out on your own, or it doesn't get figured out guy.

Well, it's the process started and and this is my whole problem with that process.


Yeah, it started with a visit to my general practitioner and hate me and him are actually, I do all his it, work me and him are good friends and I went to him, I said, dude, I've got to get something done, you know, it's been years.

I mean, my wife don't even sleep in the same bedroom anymore.


Yeah, it was at the point where I was snoring so bad that when we go on vacation I would have to rent two hotel rooms, my wife and kids will stay in one room.

I say in the other.

Yeah well I'm not sleeping.


Well at all.

No no, no.

I mean I was always tired and everybody and you know it's got to where it got it was a running joke with, you know, the in our families like well, it's time for Dad's nap.

You know, and I hated it but I had to have one.


Hey about 1:00 or 2:00 if I don't get a nap about 1:00 or 2:00.

I was An ill-tempered person after that.

Yeah, that's where your for I was pretty ill-tempered.

Wish people kind of like make jokes about those kind of things but I think that the impact on relationships for that can be really profound like a view are always not at your best and feeling and it right, bad mood, right?


It's just really hard on marriages and all your relationships.

Oh, well, you're half a step behind everybody.

Yeah, yeah.

And then that's the way you feel.

You just, you're always, you feel.

You're always trying to catch up, you don't have time.

I don't have the energy to do anything and by the time the work week was over with, that's all you've got me.


All I want to do is just sit.

Yeah, I mean the weekend they would want to go.

Let's go shopping.

Let's go to Branson or let's go do something and I was like I can't I don't have the energy to do.

I know exactly about what you're talking about thanking about going and cleaning the yard wore me out.



And so what did your doctor say when you went?

And you said, something's got to change.

Change this time.

He said, okay, he said well, let's let's let's get you a sleep study down.

I said, okay.

And I thought it was going to be like, you know, Couple days.


Go to sleep, study done.

Be done with it.

No, that's not how it works.

So I go from the general practitioner, to the respiratory therapist.

He, you know, that's your first step, you know, when your general, when your GP says, okay and this is all done through Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, okay?


Your GP says, okay, yes, I think you have an issue.

You go to your respiratory therapist.

Well, it's not the same for everybody but that's why math.

Yes, really for me, for me, that's how it went.


So I went to the my respiratory therapist, the people in town and They did an examination on me and they looked in my nose and look at my throat, everything they said.


Do you have allergies?

I said yes.

So they prescribed me some allergy pills and I said, I want you to try this for a few days.


You know, and then we'll talk again.

Okay and they do their combat testing for sleep apnea?

No no not the first time.

Okay, you know because I kept telling my snowball well, you know snoring is not sleep at It is it is a symptom but it's not right.


So you know, my wife like let me go with you but you don't know if you have sleep apnea, right?

She said I've watched you, stop breathing right to the point where I woke you up because I thought you were going to die.

Yes, you know, and I'm going to tell you it it got to the point where I knew something needed to be done, you know?


And for me to want, help is one thing.

But when you ask for help and you get the runaround, I know I kind of quit asking sometimes so frustrating.

So after you did the allergy pills, you went back, we're back.

They said, okay, let's you know, okay, you need a sleep study.




So then I schedule my sleep study, which was three weeks out and this is all pretty covid.

So I'm not dealing with any kind of, you know, pandemic or covid issues.

Okay. so three weeks go by, I go get the sleep study you know which is I know what has to be done, but it's ridiculous just saying I mean hot, you find a hospital bed flat pillow.


Yeah, I couldn't have slept there if I wanted to.

Yeah, you know, and then, you know, you got all the stuff on you for two things know like, okay, we're gonna stand here and watch you go to sleep.

So you have a polysomnogram, you had all the electrodes we stuck in your scalp and all of that.


All of it all over my chest fingers, you know?


And then I like, okay, go to sleep.

We're going to watch you.

And I'm like, That ain't gonna work.

And I'm a guy that can sleep anywhere, so it takes me forever to go to sleep.

I finally get to sleep.

I'm laying flat on this mattress and the guy comes in and says, and wakes me up and he's like, oh my God, you can't breathe.


Your might your oxygen levels like 56%, as like, I've been trying to tell you all this, I know, you know, so he puts a mask on me and set me up with a CPAP and there and says, okay, go back to sleep on a monitor this and I'm gonna just Sit, while you're sleeping right, you know, to try to get you the best fit to titrate it.



So he does and I actually wake up feeling pretty good and I'm like, hey, you know, even though I was in this crazy bed with all these wires on me, I feel a little bit better.


Well he sends me to go get a BiPAP You know, and I and I want to go get the machine.


And to have their Reza, take the prescription have their respiratory therapist setup.

Okay, they give me a piece of paper, bunch of numbers on it.

A bunch of stuff.

I don't understand and never explain anything.

They said just give this piece of paper to them.



So I'm guessing with pressure settings that they recommend and okay but they don't explain to you.

This is what this is, okay?

No better than explain to me how bad it was.

He didn't say mild moderate or severe or any of that.

That okay.

Oh gosh.


So I go to, I go to the, to the medical supply house, get the thing and the lady, looks at them sheet, and she looks at me.

She says, oh, Lord and walks off and I'm like Well, I didn't sound good, but okay.

She comes back, gives me the machine fits me for a mask, sends me on my way.


Well, I get home and I'm like, I'm really excited.

You know?

I'm thinking, man.

I'm going to get to sleep.

I'm getting good sleep.

You know, first night with the thing.

After all this time.

You, yeah, actually have someone saying, well, in fact, they didn't really say anything.


Yeah, you know, like, you have, at least you have a bit of papers.

I've got a machine, so I'll put it on.

Go to sleep first night.

Wake up the middle of night, take the thing off, so there's no way.

It's blowing so hard.

Yeah, that I mean, it's like sticking your head out, the window going, 55 miles an hour, down the road, kind of mask that they give you the full face mask, okay?


And so, when they were fitting for the mask that they try other options, did you talk about nasal pillows or not?

There's almost no.

They just didn't even know that existed, right?

They just went straight to the full face, man.

So, they give me the full face mask in the lady tells me.

Well, don't worry about this, this leak indicator on here.


You know what?

A little little sleep report, she said that's never going to be, right?

It's always going to be red.

Well, that don't sound right, but okay, no, that's not right.

I get home and me and my wife go through.

Man every sleep position every bed in the house trying to find some more rock and sleep with this thing Mass.


Yeah it's blowing so hard that it would fill my stomach flare.


In the middle, the night.

Yeah I would go to take I've got a swallow or something and it would catch my my throat open and fill my stomach full are yes and I would wake up and just burp until I threw up.



And I'm like okay, not wearing that thing anymore.


And I was no.

So I mean I think I know the answer to this ahead of time but there was no support from the play series.


Like so nobody's saying like these are common problems.

This is height over.

No, none of that.



So you just so there's no way I can sleep.

So I'm done with this, right?

So me and my wife talk about it, she's like look, you've got to give me another shot.

So okay, let's go to back down there to affordable, medical Like the machine we've got to get.


It's got to be adjusted.

They've got to turn this thing down.

Yeah, it's just it's blowing to it's too intense.

Take it back to him, the little girl says that she doesn't make mistakes that she did it just like the paper said and then, if I want to turn down, I need to go get another sleep study done.


And that was that.

And so I leave.

And I look at my wife and she goes, might, as well throw that in the trash.

Uh, I don't know, no talk of different masks, no, talk of zero.

So I get home and I call a buddy of mine that I know he's got sleep apnea and because I helped set his truck up, he hauls, he hauls campers and we built him a place to use his machine and stuff in his in his vehicle.


So he says, well do they give you the nose upper?

Yeah, that's my favorite subject right there but we also want a Big Ten.

A tells me about the nose pillows, right?


I'm like, but I've never heard of those.

He said, dude, I get his wife runs one of the the insurance billing things for the hospital's up here.

Yeah, he said, man, I get all my stuff free.

Let me call.

I'll order one you go.


Pick it up and try it.

Okay, so he calls orders me, one of those pillows setups.

I get it and I'm thinking I'm kind of excited again, you know, maybe that's what the problem is.

That was not the problem. drive my note, the wind was blowing so hard, not only did it feel my stomach up, but while I was burping and throwing up trying to get all the air out of my stomach, it had blows so hard in my nose that it completely drive my nose out, my nose started bleeding.


So now I'm staying, I'm staying in the bathroom at 3:00 in the morning puking nose, bleeding thinking, and this is supposed to be a better night sleep and I'm like, I'm done with it.


No, my wife said, look, I love you with all my heart beat.

Her been married, 27 years.

I told her the day.

I met her.


I was going to marry.

She lied to my face that you matter.


And 14 days.

After the day, I met her, I proposed to her and we've been married, 27 years old.

Must be a winner.

But anyway, so I told her I said, look, I love you baby.

But I'll just, I moved all my clothes in the other room.


Yeah, I made our spare room.

My bedroom had bought a nice TV for it.

God, I'll start decorating.

Yeah, and I just give up and you just gave up with the the BiPAP and you do with all of it.

Yeah, I was just going to live with sleep sleep, apnea until I didn't.


And it got to the point where even if I wasn't getting a good night sleep, you know, and you know, I'm at that age where everything hurts all the time, you know, you know, some people say your body's a temple, I've treated more mind, more like a amusement part but and so I'd like to take a little Aleve or whatever.


Well, you know, they she's like well why don't you try one of these, you know, Leaf PM's, it'll help you sleep.

I said no, I was scared to death of take one to the skirt and never wake up, right?

Because I knew it was getting worse because I was waking up gasping for air.

Yes, you know, and and then, it's really, really demoralize me and I'm five foot nine.


And last August, I weigh 289 pounds.

So I was like, you know, I've got to do something, maybe it's just my weight, I lost 100 pounds.

Wow, it wasn't a year weight that right now, it wasn't just no way.


So probably a little bit better.


You know, and it got to the point where my life was a series of gnats I would sleep. you know, and and God love my wife and she, you know, she would Say things, she wasn't complaining, but she was complaining.

You know what?


You're always going to sleep.

You're always taking a nap.

Well, she don't know.

I've seen she's worried about you as well.

Probably, well, I know, and I would be up at 2:00 in the morning.

Bye, dad.

I was ready to light it, like a clock in the morning.

I was ready to lay down for her nap sleep, for a couple hours, to get up at 10 work, do whatever.


We're going to do about 2:00 in the afternoon had taken half again, get up.

And then by 8:00 tonight I'll try to go to bed.

So how long did that go on for?

So you stopped using the bipod and everything two years and then what was it that you know like how did you find the loft of thing?


Like what My wife found them on Facebook and sent it to me.

Okay, she sent me a link to their stuff on Facebook and I started looking at it and I thought, whatever, you know.

It's this is another, this is Well, you had a can do it this easy right then?


Why was it so hard?

The first time this has got to be a ripoff, right?

And so I'm not gonna lie, I thought there's a complete ripoff.

Yeah. 150 bucks for the test and a little at home sleep thing and I was like, yeah I'll buy it just to make her happy, got it.


So just to explain, this wasn't something you did through your insurance.

You just know pay them a one-off low-cost payment and then it's and it's very Horrible.

And here's the thing.

Insurance gets in a way a lot.

So you paid your money.


I sent me this little wristwatch looking deal.


And it it's got a little thing that goes on your finger.

I think it's a wart on your wrist, they you?


It does that sound.

Yeah and it's a it's got a little sensor.

You put right here on your chest.



Hook it Bluetooth it to your phone with their app and go to sleep in your own bed.


So I do it.

I want you were able to think we just fine because you don't have any on your head or any of that.


And it's all plenty of room.


I mean, you don't, you don't, it takes about a minute and a half, you know, you have that stuff on and sleep, just fine, wake up and I'm thinking, okay, yeah, whatever, you know, they sent me a little toy that lit up.

There's no way that worked.

So, the lap tells me, you know, thank you.


You got enough sleep.

Somebody who'd be calling you in a couple days.

I'm like, wow, there it is right there.

So put the thing in my, it said, throw it away.

But I thought, you know what?

I'm not gonna throw it away because I'm a pack rat.

I mean, I've still got the thing, I put in my closet, you know, there's no need I'll ever there's no way I'll ever need it again, but in 10 years, I'll be like, hey, that's the thing.


You never know.

So I'll put it in the closet, don't hear nothing from him for a couple days.

I'm Yeah.

You know, you're still thinking kind of that, it's a scam, that's 150 bucks down, the drain, whatever. so, get a call from the get, it get an email and a call from a guy.


And he says, look, I'm a sleep therapist and I want to set up a zoom meeting with you that way we can call.

And you know, I can go over these these results with you because we need to get something done now.

Yep, he said you have severe.


It's a blockage sleep apnea that I have.



When I go to sleep my throat closes.


So even after losing all the weight still does.


You know, I'm back to the same size.

I was in the Marine Corps.

I actually put one of my Uniforms on the other day and felt pretty good.


But anyway, so Okay, well I didn't hear anything from me.

Come our meeting day didn't hear anything from me and I thought, you know, okay, whatever I just going on with my life, I'm not letting it bother me because I'd already figured out that it was a scam.


Anyway, well I get a call from another guy laughter and he's like, look, I am so sorry.

We are trying to go through his calendar.

He caught a severe case of covid.

He is oh no, he's in the hospital.

Oh god.

Oh and it was one of those things that it happened so fast that Everybody all the other therapy, you know, they all had their own calendars, everybody like oh he gets better and everybody.


Finally, finally someone said, well, what about his calendar?

We better call all these people.

So they start, you know, their start jumping through hoops.

I get like five phone calls that day from all of them, very apologetic and I'm, like, it's fine, man.

I understand like I have really low expectations.


This is what I look, I wasn't expecting much out of y'all.

Anyway, you know.

And so they finally get me to my therapist.

And this is Anna Zoom call on your computer.



For the fart.

Sorry, it's okay to cry.

I cry all the time.

I don't, I know for the first time Somebody actually said and listen to what I was trying to tell him.



They actually understood that I knew but I probably wasn't going to live like this much longer.

Something was going to happen.

I was already at the point where every night when I lay down and went to sleep, I really didn't expect to wake up in the morning.


And I'm not scared of dying.

Hands down, not scared of it at all.

Does not fear me Marine, Southern Baptist whatever.

Sometimes be seeing in you what you're actually dealing with and understanding.


Yeah, yeah, I'm scared of what's going to happen to your wife when I do when I'm not here.



She listened.

And she said, let me get you a machine coming.



Now my insurance had told me the one that I have and I said, look, I've got the same exact machine that you're trying to send me.

And she said, well, you know, I said but you know the the medical place that it owns it.


Of course my insurance has been paying to them but, you know, it's kind of a lease deal.

It's not mine.

Let me buy one from y'all.

Okay, well they had, they've got they don't really do insurance.

Now, they will help you.

They'll help you more than you didn't.


You know with getting your paperwork to get get reimbursed from your insurance.

Yeah, there's also payment plans, you know, whatever, whatever you need.

Now, fortunately enough that I was in a position where I was like, look, I'll send you a check.


Send me the thing.

Yeah, well, turns out.

The medical supply place had lied.

I called the insurance.

And I actually own that thing that.

So, I've got to But I don't care, I really don't.

It doesn't bother me at all because I get I get the thing.


I put it on.

I've had I got the first good night's sleep.

I've had in 15 years.


And so, what was different?

This time were they talking you through the setup and, and like the mask and all that everything, everything?


Well, when I told him, what I told him, you can't turn this thing up.

Because I can't sleep.

Yeah, you know, and I told her the problem I had with you, the other one and she said, well, I need you to look at the some settings for me.

So she showed me how to go through it.

And she said, what's this on?


And I said, well, it's set at twenty-five, she goes, that's wide open.

They've got it turned up as far as they can, possibly turn it, you know?

And I was like, okay.

And she's like, nobody can sleep like that, you know?

And I think like a lot of that.


I'm not sure they talk through this with you, but a lot of the things I find that people are never told about our the humidifier, like, you know, like how to clean your machine properly, how to use, like a, like I've got one of those ho's supports that kind of like, but It's my hose above above me.


So it's not tugging on my face and just all these things that I'm like, why don't they tell you this stuff like right out the gate?

Yeah, you know and she said look, here's some things you can do send me to Walmart to get this little ozone thing where I just take, you know, every night every morning I get up, pull my mask My little water tank.


Stick it in a bag with his low Zone thing.

Hit a button, boom.

Yeah, it runs a cleans, it, you know, and then once a week, I've actually now me being the redneck that I am went and found a lint drier cleaner.


It's actually for playing in the event on your dryer, but it's a big looks like a big long like oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And so, you know, I can wash the inside of my hose out, you know, right.

They had Have specific ones.

You can buy on Amazon that are right, that post cleaners but it's exactly what you just said.


So you know I'm like hey this will work, you know.

And yeah so I sterilize cleaning set up, got it all set up.

She said, go get some wipes.

She said you can buy them from us.

You can buy them anywhere.

You want to just go get the cleaning wipes.


You just wipe the nose piece off and stuff.

Yeah well the first night I get it I started sleeping really good but I'm using this the nasal pillow that I had with my other one.


You know, from the guy that a buddy of mine that got it for me.


Well, My first week call, I told her, I said look, something's wrong.

This thing is killing my nose and it actually wore two big blisters and pimples on the side of my nose right here.

And I'm like, she's like, oh, that's not a problem.

You're the nose pillows too small.

This doesn't fit properly.


Okay, she said well with your box, there was a little thing in there.

I said, I saw that car.

She said, get it.

Let's go through it and we'll get you a proper fitting and I'll see you Hawks.

He's through it, which is just like, that's what people need.

I can't, I can't say enough and that's why you don't when they asked me if I would do this.


I was like, please let me do it.


I cannot say enough about the support and the, you know, don't get frustrated, just tell me what's wrong.

Yeah, she sent me her personal email, I got her phone number and she's a little will set up.


Well, I will talk every week once a week.

If you need me more than that, let me know.

And so the different sizes of pillows immediately.

She said, go get you some Vaseline.

They sell cocoa butter flavored, Vaseline it Even smells good and just rub a little vaseline on your nose when he started using the pillow and and I'm like really big.


That's it of mass.

The fix is, just like, I can't even tell you how many people like I just talked to people with look at me all the time and it's not huge adjustments often.

It's like, no, it's going from a regular, like, some people struggle with silicone and then they get a man.


Memory foam mask.

And they're like, oh my God, night and day so much better.

I'm sleeping now and the difference is not that much, but nobody in this traditional, you know, system that you described to begin with is taking time to talk people through these things.


No, they always figure someone else is going to do it, right?

And they're not well so I get my nose pillow right size, got it on.

First night was just woke up in my room.

Tickled, pink slip all night long, first time I slept 6 hours and ten years.


That makes me want to cry this wheel and I'm going to try to get through this without crying.

You know.

Making coffee.

My wife gets up, comes in there.

I turn around.

I grab her a hug or kiss her ass baby.

It worked And I said it's, um, I used to say when I travel a lot and it really doesn't mean anything at anybody else, but I used to call her.


I said, hey fire up the blender, put on something sexy because Daddy's coming home, you know, and it was, it should always laughs.

She's like, you're such an idiot, you know?

But so.

And I probably hadn't said that to her and 15 years.

So I said it to her and she looked at me and she said, are you serious?


I said yeah, almost everything up.

Set everything up in the room.

So you go to sleep with your wife.

Again, I'll into my bedroom.

Get everything set up.

We go to bed that night.

I'm back in my bed with her and our big king-size bed dogs on the floor, I get everything all set up kiss her good night, put my mask on lay down. and for the first time in probably 10 years, she slides her foot over and touches my leg.


You know, just a little, make sure you're still there.

Kind of thing.

And we go to sleep.

I cried like a baby falling asleep.

I didn't let her know it.

But it's just a relief.


I was so overwhelmed with You just have to know what this woman is.

Truly my soul, mate.

She really is.

She is put up with my crap, you know, and she just, and it just it, I don't know.


It's life-changing.


Life-changing what, what?

My life had become totally different.

So, I called Narnia the next day.

Sent her an email.

I didn't call her sent her an email.

And I said you don't know what you've done.


You have no idea.

I know you're doing your job and you're trying to help people get a good night's sleep.

That a good night's sleep.

Just fine.

So much beyond that.

Yeah, you're so much more to it than getting a good night sleep.



Plus it changes your life.

It changes your whole outlook on life.

Yes you know.

So how long has it been since that night?

Two months?

Wow your mom.


And how are you feeling that amazing?

Amazing, I'm actually bought an RV.

I'm actually making some long-term plans you know.

I love it.


We one of the reasons we would never get an RV and travels because we couldn't sleep together.


We were not going to be able to sleep in a confined space together.


One was guys, we're going to take the take turns sleeping or something because we she wouldn't be able to sleep with me, you know, and in an RV.

Even if I slept in the, you know, the front of the RV, she was going to hear me.


Because I mean, I, you can hear me across the hall across the house when I'm.


And I don't have my mask on know anymore.

No, I went from Well, they call it episodes and our I will head up when when I did my first study with them, I was at 86.


There were four times that I stopped breathing for more than a minute.

Wow, now I'm at, I think point one.

It's amazing.

Leaky index is staying around 10 somewhere and you know, that's from turning over whatnot.


And uh, the one they sent me, she set it up so that it was what AutoStart and auto, you know, and if it comes off, it'll automatically shut off.

So I get it and I'm looking at this other boat anchor.

You know, I don't like man it'd be nice if that one was set up the same way as I could put it in the RV and I wouldn't have to worry about damaging one.


Are they the same?

They're identical to make model brand.

Everything we said let me help you with that.

Let me show you how to do that.


And so now I've got one that I can travel with and I don't have to worry about tearing one down.


Every, you know, me and my thing was I'm not going to tear this thing down and pack it up.

Go one night, right?

I've got one is already told am ready to go?


Well, I changed my outlook outlook on life.

Yeah, it's changed how I'm living.


Yeah, I told you first of the call, we're getting new floors.


I've toured the light box down in the kitchen and we're totally remodeled our kitchen.

This is all in the two months since I've got my machine because now you have energy to do things strip primed painted, our own cabinets.


Did it all myself getting new floors.

When are you coming to my house?

Where a built built?

It built an accent wall in the accent wall.


There's no stopping you.


Nitrite industrious lesson Jody.

I could talk to you for like three hours, but thank you so much for joining me and sharing your story.

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me.

Thank you for letting me know if it helps anybody.

And the reason I wanted to tell this because I know I know there are a thousand guys out there that have been through the conventional method and said the hell with this.


I'm not gonna stay.

I didn't really clarify and ask you.

So you paid your hundred fifty dollars or whatever up front.

Then what about the ongoing stuff?

Like is there.

Another charge after know you pay it when you buy it.


When I got my machine they give you a support option, 250 bucks, okay?

And you get a Year's worth of unlimited support plus a free mask.

Okay, James too good to be true.


It it actually really is I was always waiting for the punchline.



Until I got my machine and started sleeping good.

And I thought, man, these guys are freaking for real.


You know, and I was like, how does everybody not know about this?


And in this all came from a link my wife sent me on Facebook.


Now, now she's never gonna let me forget.

Get that.

Yeah, but that's okay.

I can deal with that.

Yeah, we can deal with that.

Well listen, thank you so much for taking time to talk to me.

I do.

Really appreciate it.

Well, thank you, thank you for calling.


I appreciate you letting me tell somebody.

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